• 30-Jul-2016

    The last and biggest (417 tracks!) part of Touched – Touched 3 – has just been released, dispersing in the atmosphere beautiful music from known and unknown artists.

    As you already know, Touched is a compilation of electronic music artists gathered around a very noble cause – bringing your attention to Macmillan Cancer Support and fundraise through releasing beautiful and meaningful music.

    The third compipation includes the likes of Autechre, Plaid, Arovane, Amon Tobin, Bola, Brothomstates, FSOL, Isan, Karsten Pflum, Kettel, Ochre, Ocoeur, Richard Devine, Seefeel, Sunken Foal, Syl Kougai, Syndrone, Ulrich Schnauss, Valance Drakes, Yimino, as well as our Jisatsuken oldtimers Moodix and Nisho and our recent addition – the Liverpool-based Lo Five.

    Enjoy and don’t forget to support!

  • 08-Apr-2015

    Jisatsuken has always been about emotional electronica and this is clearly evident by our new release – Lo Five’s debut EP “Look To Me For Love”. Warm and welcoming, these six tracks will instantly teleport you back in simpler and more innocent times, supported by the devoted artwork, at the same time Lo Five’s music will definitely grow on you with each listen, so don’t waste time and hesitate, go quickly to the release’s page…

  • 26-Jan-15

    2015 has just taken off and we already have a special surprise for you with catalogue number 021 handwritten on it. With this release we would like to draw your attention to an artist, a close friend of ours, who has always been around and supported our initiative from the very beginning – you may remember his magical piece “Iddump2″ from “Kokaku#2″ compilation – and this year it is our utmost pleasure to have Proyko’s first individual release with us.

    Being an artist with utmost attention to detail whose music will never leave you indifferent, yet maintaining his pursuits well preserved from public eye, Proyko surprisingly lets us in his private temple, yet at the most unusual time – deeply in the private silent hours between midnight and dawn, and then open-heartedly involves us in the process of creation of colourful spaces and shapes of sound that will make us return again and again for some more… over there, in the “Releases” section…