Nisho /a.k.a. oshinoshi/ is on of the founders of Jisatsuken netlabel. He produces music of exceptional quality and elaborate complexity. Being very meticulous about each single sound within his tracks, Nisho remains the most technically competent and trained musician among the label’s members.

Nisho is also responsible for the entire Japanese the concept of Jisatsuken, consequently for the artwork of the website.

He is known to be the founder of the mIRC channel rephlex back in 1998, a place restricted for IDM listeners only, which he further developed to a website with the same name. This website appeared to be the predecessor of Jisatsuken, in its capacity as quasi-label for the release of rэs’ first EP – “Cantilever” /2002/, which featured remixes by Nisho, Trumik and Mloski. This was the turning point which brought the idea for establishing independent netlabel called Jisatsuken.

Nisho’s music has always been deliberately restrained from wide publicity. His most popular and fancied tracks has been spread on tapes or CD’s to his closest friends.

nisho @ SoundCloud