rės’ first release appeared in 2002 when he joined forces with Nisho, Mloski and Trumik for the “Cantilever” EP, then available for mp3 download on the #rephlex website. The EP received warm acclaim by the listeners and appeared to be the predecessor of Jisatsuken.

rės sound is known for its experimental beats, rhythmic complexity and deep moods varying between desperate and optimistic. His music demands close attention and is sometimes not too friendly, but encrypting hidden beauties under layers of noise and glitches. At the end of 2004 rės released “Retro Experimental Silence” EP and the next year saw his highly acclaimed colaboration with Mloski for “Unexpected” EP which was followed by number of live performances by the duo and tons of yet unreleased material. In the very beginning of 2007 rės (as “res corporales”) released his “skeaf” LP, which collected his tracks and diverse efforts from the last four years into a very personal and deeply emotional aural experience.

Following years of hesitation to release anything new, while still performing unheard material live, in 2014 rės returns with “QaumanEq” – a four-track EP setting his new endeavours in sound and music.

rэs @ SoundCloud