• 30-Jul-2016

    The last and biggest (417 tracks!) part of Touched – Touched 3 – has just been released, dispersing in the atmosphere beautiful music from known and unknown artists.

    As you already know, Touched is a compilation of electronic music artists gathered around a very noble cause – bringing your attention to Macmillan Cancer Support and fundraise through releasing beautiful and meaningful music.

    The third compipation includes the likes of Autechre, Plaid, Arovane, Amon Tobin, Bola, Brothomstates, FSOL, Isan, Karsten Pflum, Kettel, Ochre, Ocoeur, Richard Devine, Seefeel, Sunken Foal, Syl Kougai, Syndrone, Ulrich Schnauss, Valance Drakes, Yimino, as well as our Jisatsuken oldtimers Moodix and Nisho and our recent addition – the Liverpool-based Lo Five.

    Enjoy and don’t forget to support!

  • 08-Apr-2015

    Jisatsuken has always been about emotional electronica and this is clearly evident by our new release – Lo Five’s debut EP “Look To Me For Love”. Warm and welcoming, these six tracks will instantly teleport you back in simpler and more innocent times, supported by the devoted artwork, at the same time Lo Five’s music will definitely grow on you with each listen, so don’t waste time and hesitate, go quickly to the release’s page…

  • 26-Jan-15

    2015 has just taken off and we already have a special surprise for you with catalogue number 021 handwritten on it. With this release we would like to draw your attention to an artist, a close friend of ours, who has always been around and supported our initiative from the very beginning – you may remember his magical piece “Iddump2″ from “Kokaku#2″ compilation – and this year it is our utmost pleasure to have Proyko’s first individual release with us.

    Being an artist with utmost attention to detail whose music will never leave you indifferent, yet maintaining his pursuits well preserved from public eye, Proyko surprisingly lets us in his private temple, yet at the most unusual time – deeply in the private silent hours between midnight and dawn, and then open-heartedly involves us in the process of creation of colourful spaces and shapes of sound that will make us return again and again for some more… over there, in the “Releases” section…

  • 28-Nov-14

    The second charity fundraising compilation “Touched Two” has been released today and we are happy to announce that one of the founding figures behind Jisatsuken under his aliases Nisho and Warm Aquarelle, was invited to participate with two of his beautiful tracks, among a list of such significant artists like Autechre, Arovane, Esem, Funckarma, Hecq, Ilkae, Lackluster, Luke Vibert, Maps and Diagrams, Mr. Projectile, Nathan Fake, Ochre, Orbital, Plaid, Richard Devine, The Future Sound of London, Tim Koch, Ulrich Schnauss, µ-Ziq and many, many, many more.

    Just like the first compilation from last year, all funds collected from the online purchases shall skip artists bank accounts and go directly for essential palliative care and support for cancer sufferers, as organized by Macmillan Cancer Support (http://www.macmillan.org.uk).

    The album could be downloaded from the following link:

  • 23-Feb-2014

    It’s February, the cold beginning of 2014, and we are witnessing the return of one of our veterans. After years of hiatus, rės delivers a 4-track EP entitled “QaumanEq”, which puts the lights on in a room too long locked in darkness, as we managed to extract rės’ promise for unprecedented output in the months coming.

    So hurry up for this small gem waiting for you in the Releases section.

  • 24-Jan-2014


    We’re happy to announce our newest member Ryan.
    Under the alias “The Late December” he contributed a 5-track EP that we instantly loved – “May You Sleep In A Dream Full Of Happiness”. As we discovered while discussing its roots, it is inspired by the recent loss of someone Ryan loved, and with heart full of grief, he has put the most beautiful sounds that could decipher his feelings about that person. What will attract you on the very first listen is the purity of emotions laid deep within each track.

  • 24-Dec-2012

    Calling out all sorts of (un)like-minded remixers, remakers, and rearrangers! A collaboration EP of our artists Eta Carinae and Warm Aquarelle is on its way to be released soon, and we need to add some more flavour to it by including you and your beautiful sounds into this release. Please give us a sign if you want to take part.

  • 18-Jun-2012

    OMG, we are “socializing”. We are now on Facebook. Seriously. Check it out: https://www.facebook.com/Jisatsuken

  • 29-Mar-2012

    Jisatsuken joined SoundCloud. Fire, follow us: http://soundcloud.com/jisatsuken

  • 22-Dec-2011

    We are proud to present one of our new recruits – Eta Carinae, also known as Marko Hupel.

    Eta Carinae’s first JSK release is entitled “Sister Anorexia” and can be classified as dark ambient, although you might find the term insufficient to fully describe the music therein.

    “Sister Anorexia” EP is available for free download in our “Releases” section.

  • 13-Aug-2005

    After performing on several events together, mloski and res are back on the Jisatsuken list with the long-waited ‘Unexpected’ EP. Including two already familiar tracks and two absolutely new ones, ‘russina’ and ‘before the storm’ which have been never played live, this EP represents the essence of the cooperation between the two artists, being a result of almost two years of looking for the best combination between two different approaches to producing.

  • 27-Apr-2005

    Today we relocate our official email to jisatsuken@gmail.com.

  • 24-Apr-2005

    Our most popular artist, mloski, is to present Jisatsuken’s philosophy of beats and melodies on the Eskimo Electro-Acoustic Fest in Sofia, 03-May-2005 (http://eskimo.cult.bg).
    Then, the very next week mloski and res will participate in The Second Ambient Festival (http://ambientfestival.cult.bg), thanks to the kind invitation by the curators BlubaLu in Sofia, the ‘House of Cinema’ centre. There they are to present their idea of collaboration between B&W alternative movies and introvert ambient music, alongside respected artists such as blubaLu, ambient anarchist, backpullver, skylined, microWhat (kInk and walmon) and player sekwent.

  • 09-Apr-2005

    For those who missed the opening of the ArtPositive’2005 exhibition in ‘Banya Starinna’, Plovdiv, BG, we have recorded for you the mloski&res’ live performance from that memorable evening of 04-April, 2005.
    Check out the Audio section!

  • 17-Feb-2005

    Bosto – Six LP. Ambient sounds and experimental beats is what you’ll hear in this first release of one of the Jisatsuken’s members. You could also feel the old school vibe in some of the tracks making this release distinctive mixture between spontaneousness and maturity. Yet this LP leaves you with the taste of touching something very delicate and intimate.

  • 25-Dec-2004

    Merry Christmas and Happy New 2005 from the Jisatsuken’s team!!

    We hope our fresh and exclusive Christmas mix will contribute to your holiday entertainment – it’s all due to the kind support by artists like mloski, res, nfc, nisho, skylined, polygon ring, kInk, transistor, sektor and many others. It is waiting for you in the Audio section, right under the Christmas tree. Go grab it!

  • 24-Dec-2004

    Now we have the long-expected ‘Ball Oakfumed (remixes)’ EP by our friend skylined which you could explore in our ‘Releases’ section. True to his habitual enthusiasm and energy, skylined have gathered remixes of his track (which appeared in ‘Kokaku #1‘) from artists that perform on various styles of intelligent electronica. The result is an EP that combines different and utterly interesting approaches to a composition.

    Happy holidays!

  • 16-Nov-2004

    You can now find here the mloski&res’ live recording from the Org.Org festival.

    Res is throwing us once again into his claustrophobic concepts in his new EP entitled ‘Retro Experimental Silence’ (title invented by NFC), which we dare to say, totally applies to the music locked within the tracks. Their sounds move us into some deep layers of emotion where obviously res couldn’t have found any considerable reason for excitement. The three tracks are available for free download from the ‘Releases’ section.

  • 29-Oct-2004

    We have the pleasure to invite all artists who are roaming the labyrinths of intelligent electronic music to participate in the special Jisatsuken Christmas mp3 mix that is to appear in our Releases section dressed in Christmas gear and available for free downloading sometime soon. Anyone who wants to join the great initiative should send us his/her track or even just unfinished loop, in at least 192 kbps mp3.

  • 10-Oct-2004

    Our boys, mloski and res, will take part in the forthcoming festival Org.org, 14-Oct-2004, where they will showcase the result of their mutual collaboration.

  • 19-Jun-2004

    Jisatsuken’s second compilation ‘Kokaku #2′ is finally out and you can come across it while digging deep in the shelves of ‘Dyukyan Meloman’ and ‘Na Tamno’ record stores in Sofia and Varna, Bulgaria. You can also simply order it through our emails as listed in the Contact section. Check the Releases section for further information.

    As usual our team is eager to hear your comments on the music and the concept, as well criticism or suggestions. We would also like to know your vision of the development of this utterly strange community in Bulgaria. Arigato!

  • 25-May-2004

    In the next few days expect the new Jisatsuken’s compilation ‘Kokaku #2′. For your enjoyment there is a demo mix located in the Audio section.

  • 25-Feb-2004

    Jisatsuken’s Audio section is now updated – we are proud to present a long-awaited EP by mloski – ‘Only’. It’s a six-track statement of his talented approach to combining deep ambient pads with drum’n’bass, breakbeat, jazzy bits and almost invisible ethno motives.

    Nisho, mloski and res are to present Jisatsuken’s underlying music theory on 6th of March at 08.00pm in Art Hostel, Sofia, together with a visual art presentation. During a two-hour set they are going to play live some of their tracks and sounds.

    After a traditional delay in March we are ready to present the second Jisatsuken’s compilation – ‘Kokaku #2′, with the kind participation of some of the most non-traditional bulgarian electronica artists – terpo (a.k.a. proykoproykov), player sekwent, polygon ring, nisho, trumik etc.

  • 30-Nov-2003

    Apart from presenting experimental electronica compiled CDs, Jisatsuken opens an online resource for completed original mp3 projects – EP or LP, which will be presented by the website and will be available for free downloading. This side of our project is open for everyone who is developing his/her own musical experiments and is willing to present them in Jisatsuken.

  • 26-Nov-2003

    Jisatsuken’s team would appreciate your feedback if you have already listened to ‘Kokaku #1′. Please feel to express everything you think about it. Thanks in advance!

  • 13-Nov-2003

    Highly motivated by the interest shown in Kokaku #1 in January 2004 Jisatsuken will present a second compilation. Artists who would like to take part may contact us via email.

  • 23-Sep-2003

    Jisatsuken is a project presenting experimental electronic music of all shapes. This project is inspired and conceptualized by certain ethics and aesthetics. The label marks the beginning of its existence with a compilation of bulgarian music – ‘Kokaku #1′ (japanese for ‘lone traveller’). This first Jisatsuken’s CD includes music by 14 independent artists from different locations inside and outside Bulgaria. The underlying idea was to gather intelligent sound without any style limitations or forced concepts. The result of it is integrated into ~74 minutes of pure electronica, samples of which can be found in our ‘Releases’ section. You can also order the CD via email for the price of 8.00 BGL (inside Bulgaria) and $10.00 USD (outside Bulgaria). Post and shipping fees are included.