JSK003 NFC – Asthma EP



01. Syncronized Lyric Thoughts
02. Nai-qkiq Nadpis v Blg e Jaltosan
03. Asthma
04. Off [res aandelrel qnot rmx]
05. Syncronized Lyric Thoughts [nishdy udim fix by nisho]

[download release]

The first mp3 release of our newly created label arrived at the end of year 2003 from our friend NFC who is also presenting half of the Lunm collective. Originally from Blagoevgrad, but located in Holland at that time, and with the background of a bass player in a local rock band, he accepted the honour to be the promotional free download release of Jisatsuken. “Asthma” EP gives you brief introduction to a rich emotional world and introvert observations. It contains three original tracks and two remixes by Nisho and rэs. “Asthma” EP is also the very first public expression of an artist whose work we highly estimate and logically NFC has been our usual guest release ever since.