JSK004 Mloski – Only EP



01. Siddhi
02. Only
03. Your Spouse Is Dead
04. Jungle Monk
05. Nautica [Part 1]
06. Nautica [Part 2]

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Mloski’s first release for Jisatsuken came at the very beginning of 2004. It appeared to be the brief presentation of an artistic personality which only had to be developed during the following years. Mloski quickly became one of the most notable Jisatsuken artists recognizable for his emotional and deep sound, catchy drum beats. His pure musical talent is more than obvious from the very first tribal percussions of “Siddhi”, through the meditative repetitiveness of “Only”, the fast breakbeats and quiet sadness of “Your Spouse Is Dead” to the closing drum-and-bass tracks – “Jungle Monk” and the two versions of “Nautica”.