JSK012 Lunm – Highlife EP



01. Ignore My Mouse
02. Edishosi
03. Crunch Step
04. Yellow Falling

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NFC explains: “Lunm stands for Laboratory for Natural and Unnatural Music. Highlife stands for what we find high in our life. Our music is influenced by the most calm condition human mentality can reach. Working on the release is done ignoring lots of everyday tasks, usually necessary for a proper living. Therefore the basic purpose of the tracks is to help people find harmony in themselves. In this release most of the dexterities are owned by eneftze /NFC/ and shaped and expanded by the other artist`s /a.k.a. moz-art, a.k.a. Zara Green Hooligan/ point of view. Highlife EP is mostly inspired by nature and outdoor activities that lead to philosophical extracts. Experimental is our way of defining it.”