JSK014 Res Corporales – Skeaf LP



01. 4v2
02. petminutishest
03. through the mist
04. mdrrd
05. object of attack
06. seelvii
07. hostelled in art [vable inet mix]
08. s9
09. indvs
12.aim haire
13.under a tree
14.contour 3

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Jisatsuken presents you the second release of res corporales /a.k.a. rэs/, entitled simply “skeaf”. Much different in sound from what has become a reserved mark of the collaboration with mloski, this release displays various sides of its author emotions and personal experiences. From the dark atmosphere, evolving from severely processed drum patterns and occasional fragments of melody in “object of attack”, “indvs” and “kamm”, through the abstract world of “s9″ and arriving in the childish positivity of “4v2″ and “aim haire”, res is defying a recognizable style of his own.

Not as listener-friendly as other JSK releases, “skeaf” is deep, introvert and at times distant, and always demanding close listen and attention to details.