JSK021 Proyko – Keuken



01. kitch* rec.1

02. kitch* rec.2

03. kitch* rec.3

04. kitch* rec.4

05. kitch* rec.5

06. kitch* rec.6 poretale

07. bæd* rec.7 cabeen

08. kitch* rec.8 ant colony


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Eight exceptional tracks of live experimenting that exposes the craftsmanship of an artist with very intellectual and aesthetic approach to music.

Proyko discloses the atmosphere from which Keuken evolved:

my decision to experiment with waking before dawn gave birth to “keuken”, a collection of improvisations/jams recorded live in a few winter mornings. armed with cyan/n by katsuhiro chiba, the perfect compact playground, i used the warm kitchen as a cocoon in which my half-awake mind and hands fidgeted around a few prerecorded melodic ideas.”

One of the handful gems that Proyko allowed for the public ear during the last decade or two, “Keuken” is kind and warm invitation to experience music in the process of its creation – the moments where the mixture of privacy, silence, tranquillity, inspiration and fun explodes in colourful effects that can seriously challenge one’s sense of time and space.