JSK022 Lo Five – Look To Me For Love EP

Lo Five - Look To Me For Love


01. Ridin’ On Air – Prelude

02. I’ll Miss This Place

03. Ridin’ On Air

04. Soft Lad

05. Give Yourself A Break

06. By The Gate


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The debut release of the Liverpool-based Neil Grant (with artistic alias Lo Five) for Jisatsuken is a 6-track gem that we instantly loved and carefully packaged for your aural and visual delight.

Bringing the warm athmosphere of sunshine-bathed playful childhood days, both nostalgia-saturated and inducing warm smile to the listener, “Look To Me For Love” is open-hearted, friendly, generous and appeaing to everyone who love their infant memories (and still keep traces of them on a VHS tape deep in a shoebox).

From the very first notes of the intro track, Lo Five’s sound easily predisposes you to close your eyes, sit back and let pleasant warmth burdened with no dark sadness whatsoever to take over your whole self.

To mark this release a series of animated gifs has been created by Neil’s old art school friend and illustrator Melissa Four.